Yoga: Benefits for Cancer, Autism, Asthma, Increasing Intelligence, Business Productivity and More
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Yoga: Benefits for Cancer, Autism, Asthma, Increasing Intelligence, Business Productivity and More

Yoga not only helps healthy people relax and increase flexibility, it also helps people with cancer, autism, and asthma. It can help increase mental energy and intelligence and can help companies become more productive.

Unexpected Benefits Of Yoga

If you’re like most people in the West, you know yoga is good for relaxation and flexibility. You might even know that some types of yoga can help you become physically stronger. But did you know that yoga offers many other benefits? Seriously ill people can become healthier; autistic children can improve; students can increase their mental abilities; and even companies can become more productive; all from practicing various kinds of yoga.

Increase Employee Productivity With Laughter Yoga

Savvy companies can implement a laughter yoga program. Laughter yoga can be done by anyone, whether they have a sense of humor or not; no jokes or comedians needed! Laughter yoga helps companies build teams and increases employee commitment, sales, efficiency and productivity. Now that’s enough to make any CEO smile!

Augment Mental Abilities With Superbrain Yoga®

Whether you work for an organization, work for yourself, or unemployed, or are a student, you might feel you need more mental energy. Yoga can help. Master Choa Kok Sui wrote a book about Superbrain Yoga®. Based on the principle of ear acupuncture, this easy-to-learn technique stimulates intelligence. This type of yoga has also helped children with autism!

Improve Sleep For Cancer Patients

For seriously ill patients, getting enough sleep is essential for healing. Research indicates a gentle yoga practice, such as Hatha or restorative yoga allows cancer patients to relax and sleep disruptions are reduced.

Treat Bronchial Asthma

In India, yoga has been used as a treatment for bronchial asthma for over 50 years. A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that yoga is effective in long term management of bronchial asthma.

Find The Right Yoga Program For You

If you are healthy and would like to become healthier, more relaxed and mentally alert or if you have minor or serious health concerns, the right yoga program can increase your wellness.

There are many types of yoga; some are very gentle and others are very vigorous. Those with health concerns should talk to their health care practitioners for suggestions on appropriate forms of yoga.

For healthy people, honestly assess your current level of fitness and the benefits you’d like to receive from your yoga practice. Research local yoga studios; most studio owners will be happy to talk to prospective students about their classes, and to help students find the classes that are right for them.

The cost of classes and payment options may vary depending on location and the studio’s amenities. Find a class that meets your budget as well as your fitness goals.


What To Expect At Yoga Classes

Before attending a class, find out whether you need to bring a yoga mat and towel or whether the studio provides those items.

Be prepared to go barefoot during your class. Shoes are seldom allowed in yoga studios.

Though it’s tempting to indulge in elegant yoga workout clothing, it’s not necessary. Wear fitness clothing that will allow you to stretch and to maintain a variety of poses, also called asanas, comfortably.

You may wish to bring a water bottle.


Healthy or ill, student, employee, or company, yoga has many unexpected benefits. Assess your fitness level and goals, research local yoga studios, find the class that’s right for you, and start improving your wellness today.


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Ranked #29 in Wellness

Impressive & in detail


I do plenty of yoga. not only for my asthma but also it really improves my flexibility. Also some forms of yoga help tone your body and get muscle.

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Very well presented and useful article, thank you.