Why You May Feel Anxious and Tearful
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Why You May Feel Anxious and Tearful

It as normal to feel sad sometimes and upset. However, although common, it is not okay to feel anxious and tearful all the time. Your emotions being so close to the surface constantly is a sign that you need to express your feelings and gain support, because it is likely that you are depressed.

Everyone can feel down now and then, and even the food you eat can affect your mood, making you feel high or low. However, if you are consistently anxious and tearful you may be suffering from depression.

People often do not consider themselves depressed, even when they are really suffering. Sometimes this is because they are in denial, and believe in keeping a stiff upper lip. They do not want people to know they are vulnerable and not coping well.

At other times, people do not recognize that they are depressed because they have been going through a tough time for so long that they consider it normal to easily cry and feel terrible. If you have been stressed over a long time period you may have become depressed without stopping to look at how experiences are really affecting you.

Typically, people suffering from depression that worry constantly, and easily breakdown in tears, have bottled up emotion. They are always putting their effort into trying to cope with what is really bothering them, and may imagine there is no way anything will ever change for them.

This sense of hopelessness is all part of depression. When you feel bad you cannot look on the bright side, as for you, it does not exist. At least, in your mind it does not. Of course, it is there, but you are unable to see it.

If you find you cry and feel anxious take a lot look at what is going on in your life that may be the cause. An unhappy relationship, long-term illness, a stressful job or unhappiness within your family could account for why you feel so unhappy.

Try to pinpoint when you remember first feeling off kilter and began taking things badly, as there may have been an event or trigger for your feelings. It may also be true that you are depressed for another reason that only a doctor can fathom out. Sometimes medication can cause depression, or a lack of it when someone is in need of help.

If you do recognize there is a specific emotional reason why you feel unhappy offload your feelings to a good friend or professional counselor. Do not suffer in silence, as there is no need. Many people feel like you do, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed. You need some TLC to help you through a rough patch.

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Comments (2)
Ranked #11 in Wellness

I have discovered in my own case that mood swing or feeling down is due to sickness or fatigue symptoms.

Ranked #68 in Wellness

Absolutely, we can all feel this way. However, constantly feeling anxious, and being tearful easily can often be a sign of depression.