What You Should Know About Q-15 (Quaternium-15)
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What You Should Know About Q-15 (Quaternium-15)

What chemical in my home and work place can make me sick

Reasons Not to Use Products Containing Q15

The two most important elements to follow for maintaining good health is to be aware of what you put in your bodiy and what you put on your body. Your body, being the sponge that it is, will absorb chemicals and poisons by inhalation, swallowing, ingesting , or absorbing them through your skin, and in many cases having them injected into your body.

Q-15 is a formaldehyde releasing preservative used in personal care products, usually cosmetics,. It is also used as a biocide in household and industrial products and disinfectants for home and industrial use. Q-15 is also used as a preservative for manufactured, natural, and pest control products it is by far the cheapest preservative in use by the cosmetic industry and pesticides industry, and at this time, as far ad the cosmetic and pesticide industry goes, Q-15 is not regulated by the government..

The health effects from being exposed to Q-15 range from skin irritations, coughs, Dermatitis, respiratory concerns, and eczema to nasal irritation to name a few..

In Your Home:

You may find quaternium-15 or formaldehyde-releasing agents in::

  • Cosmetics suchas foundations and powders, blush, mascaras, eye shadows, eyeliners and pencils.
  • Durable press (wrinkle-resistant) fabrics.
  • Cleaning products, waxes, polishes and paints.
  • Tobacco and cigarette smoke.
  • Skin care products such as creams, lotions and moisturizers.
  • Personal hygiene items such as soaps, cleansers, and shampoos.
  • Smoke from wood, coal, kerosene or charcoal fires.

At Your Work Place::

You may find quaternium-15 or formaldehyde-releasing agents in

  • Urea-formaldehyde foam insulation
  • Electrode attachment gels used in healthcare
  • Embalming and preserving fluids
  • Pressed wood such as particleboard,
  • Medium density fiberboard (MDF),
  • Plywood, oriented strand board (OSB)
  • Urea-formaldehyde resins
  • Metal working fluids and coolants
  • Glues, inks, toners and paints
  • Cleaning products, waxes and polishes


Products that does not contain Quaternium-15:

For a list of those products containing this ingredient, click on Household Product Database.

  • Neutrogena® - Soft Color Blush
  • Pantene® -Pro-V Shampoo
  • Lubrex® -Gentle Hand Cleanser
  • Almay® Nearly Naked -Touch-Pad Liquid Blush
  • Aveeno® - BabyWash & Shampoo
  • Lubrex® Cream
  • Aveda® Shampoo - Rosemary Mint
  • Kiss My Face® - Grape Jelli BubbleWash
  • Pet Scentsations® - Premium Ferret Shampoo
  • Curel® - Continuous Comfort Moisturizing Lotion


Household Product Database


John L. Meisenheimer, M.D.



Formaldehyde Emissions from Pressed Wood Products ...

Formaldehyde Emissions from Pressed Wood Products ...06-24-2011


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Comments (3)

Well written and outlined article on the product Q15...thanks for sharing the affects this has towards out bodies. +1

Thanks, Beverly I would like for people to become more aware and read the labels on products, especially when it involve chldren, or we will bringing up another generation of health issues long after we are gone, talking about decreasing your carbon foot print. What price are we willing to pay to look and smell nice?

Well discussed and informative presentation.Thanks