Weight Watchers on Holidays
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Weight Watchers on Holidays

You must first try to pinpoint the roots why you find it hard to manage your weight during the holidays and manage the weight gain triggers before making an effort to lose another pound. In fact, just even trying to maintain your present weight during the whole season is already a great scenario to undertake and a good head-start for the New Year.


After almost a year, to reward oneself with food and relaxation at year’s end is an insalubrious mindset. For sure food availability and social gatherings, bulging holidays is always the result of the current trend, eating schemes and NOT having the right-time direction and self-control skills for weight management this time of the year.

You must first try to pinpoint the roots why you find it hard to manage your weight during the holidays and manage the weight gain triggers before making an effort to lose another pound. In fact, just even trying to maintain your present weight during the whole season is already a great scenario to undertake and a good head-start for the New Year.

The Year-end Outlook

You must be so depleted of energy and stressed by this time from work and life’s responsibilities. It is common for people to have the year-end outlook of treating oneself with relaxation, vacation, shopping and food for a good year. But one’s health and wellness goals might be at risk if you always have this philosophy year by year, since there is a greater tendency to avoid fitness activities and reward yourself with sumptuous foods.

Register for fitness events for the next New Year so the continuous activity is visible to continue burning calories during the holidays. The cool weather in December makes it better to train outdoors plus the more time you can devote to exercising.

If you are engaged in a weight challenge this year, be sure to consider your final weight will not be in December, because you will most probably gain more load during the festive season. Make your final weigh-in later or until January so you can pay attention on at least maintaining your weight during the time.

The Season of Giving

Aside from cash, the most virtual and easiest gifts to give this season are food. So if you receive food items such as pastries and ham, even if try to avoid such, you might end up consuming everything. If ever you receive such food gifts, you can donate it to charity for the less fortunate poor community.

Holidays is the season of “sale”, so start purchasing fitness gifts like workout apparel, running shoes, cups and bands, nutrition books or fitness equipments for family and friends. Do not give food gifts except for health food items. Give your gifts earlier so people can become motivated to start a healthier lifestyle and give you wellness gifts in return instead of the always sweet food treats.

The Exercise Facilities

Most exercises are very dependent on gym facilities like ‘heart’ machines so when the holidays come, people find it hard to do physical exercises because they are used doing it in gyms with personal trainers.

Find exercises that you can do at home, at parks or even while in vacation. Start learning how to run, jog or brisk walking so you can do your workout even on holidays. Much better is to buy hand exercise equipments where you can carry any where like for instance an exercise band or skipping rope. But for the best are Chinese therapeutic exercises like Tai Chi or qigong exercises that is proven for centuries old health and wellness benefits. Tai chi and qigong just require enough space like at parks with clean air or you can also do it in your garden or at home.

Holidays or Everyday Preparation

You can always express that you cannot gain more weight this holidays but experts says that lack of planning or preparation can undermine your weight management attempts. Your strong will and motivation are not fair enough to battle this challenge at this time of the year, even health devotees and fitness gurus have a hard time during holidays.

Put down into writing everything set your goals and your plans. If you want to maintain your weight, identify the list of risky events you might engage for the whole month. If there is a Christmas party to attend, notes your strategies. Eat a filling snack before the dinner party, drink only fruit juices or a glass of wine, avoid deep-fried fatty foods and just have a small piece of dessert or better a fruit-salad.

In your home, make sure you have food with quality calories like fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta. Get decent rest and adequate sleep so not to use food as stress reliever. Do not skip your scheduled exercise.

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Comments (13)

Very interesting and useful. It is really a timely demand article.thanks Sir for your perfect topics

Ranked #3 in Wellness

Sure helpful tips you have here. Keep up the good work.

It sure it a big problem to maintain your weight on holidays. Thanks for an interesting article.

Ranked #50 in Wellness

Useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #15 in Wellness

I like your suggestion of donating food to charity. The seniors would love it!

An excellent article Ron as always...yes, give, give and give some more. There are always many other who need for us to give in the Name of the Christ Child.

I one time had to rely on the food bank for 2 months after my first husband died (I had 5yr old daughter) much of the food we got from the food bank was junk food. I encourage people to donate healthy foof to the food bank too, not just the unhealthy food they do not want to eat.

A season of giving and eating. I am really impressed on how you linked this one with your previous articles...

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Thanks everyone for the thoughtful comments and read. I am with you Brenda, NGOs(Non-government Organizations) here in my place are pursuing nutritious bread made from whole-wheat and fortified rice for their donation to the food bank.

Ranked #1 in Wellness

Your messages and wisdom are intertwined so well in this valuable article.

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Thanks always Roberta.

Excellent tips to keep up with the diet requirement, Ron. Unless of course everyone wants to be as overweight as Santa Claus.

Ranked #5 in Wellness

I'll remember not to eat too much this coming holidays. Or maybe, I can just skip the diet this December and start all over again next year he he (kidding). A very good article, Ron.