Time, a Precious Commodity
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Time, a Precious Commodity

That time is a precious commodity.

Time, what do we do with it? Time is a precious commodity, but do we really value it? What do we do with it? We awake into our morning longing for more sleep. I hit snooze at least five times, how about you? If we just had time to sleep, just a little more sleep that would be so fine. Many working mom’s envy domestic homemakers because they think they have more time to sleep.

Sleep? You have got to be kidding, who has time to sleep with our busy life schedules, getting kids up, staying on them and provoking them to dress, brush teeth, and eat. You wouldn’t think you would have to make them eat, it is such a natural thing, you would think you could make time to eat. At the same time, we make sure we also get ready with what time is left. Fixing breakfast for all, the chores begin, preparing lunches to save a few bucks. Who takes who going out the door, who drops who at school or daycare. Stopping for errands on the way or way back, running into ourselves coming and going. All in a days work, getting the air conditioning checked, the car’s oil changed, taking kids to ball practice, karate, lessons, or scouts. Making sure everyone takes their ADHD medicine so teachers can keep their daily sanity; even though it wears off later, for you, of course.

Sitting in traffic, driving an hour to work, watching and passing strangers in cars, trucks, and vans; just like me, exhausted from what they have already dealt with today. Engrossed in our own lives we listen to our favorite radio station blasting out music, weather, or news. Listening, gaining tidbits of the outside world, and then cringing when we hear all the terrible stories of lost kids, crackpots, and corporate executives stealing our government money. Arriving at work, two minute to 8:00, grabbing a coffee….almost, finding none is brewed, running to the fridge to throw in your lunch, making a quick pit-stop at the potty, passing co-workers with a quick Hello, I’m fine, no time to chat, the clock is ticking, checking voicemail, email, and flagging priorities to do. Wait, Stop! Priorities, now that is a big word we often avoid. Let’s take some of that time, that precious commodity, to review.

Do I run my family, or does my family run me. I work at my job, but does my job own me. I value my job, but is my value, my job. All jobs can be tricky you see. Everything of value is free. Did you ever stop and notice a beautiful day, the dew on the trees as the sun makes it glisten for all to see. Did you ever take a walk in the woods, by a lake, or in a park, just because you can? Everyday is a new day, try to stop and see something you have never seen before, or rarely saw because you are too busy and lose track of that precious commodity…….time.

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Comments (2)

One thing to make the day slow down a little is to avoid listening to the radio, latest internet news or TV. After fasting from this a while, I wonder why I spent the time paying attention to the media. I often thought, now that I know this information, did it really help me?


Time is the most valuable commodity,it is totally flexable being able to be bought,sold,saved, wasted etc.But as sand in an hourglass it has a defined period. The value of money and almost everything else we see as having material value , is simply the way we have of measuring the use of our time.