The Yearly Holiday Hazard and New Year Strokes
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The Yearly Holiday Hazard and New Year Strokes

The condition is called Holiday Hazard and the New Year Strokes. Statistically, more people suffer from strokes and heart attacks at Holidays – Christmastime.


Holiday season is here and its yearly happening will remind us again NOT to turn the season of merriment into sorrowing. More often, from our experienced from the past, our holiday toned-down by tragic news on the untimely death of a relative, friend or neighbor. The health hazard is breaking the walls of our community and fast tainting the country and the world, with crippling and even deadly results.

The condition is called Holiday Hazard and the New Year Strokes. Statistically, more people suffer from strokes and heart attacks at Holidays – Christmastime.

Sufferers are most likely to die during the holidays.

We cannot attribute the cold weather as the one cause on impaling the cardiovascular events. There are perpetrators responsible for this unwellness: stress, pollution and most severe - food and alcohol bingeing.

Let’s take a timely look on the exhausted holiday. Shoppers experienced stress inside overfilled malls and bazaars, not to speak of over-night public markets and tiannges (a place where small stalls were put up on sale or cheap prices of goods) and experienced the hassles of traffic congestion going to these places that contributes to more toxic air pollution on shopper’s spree. The festive makers in the mood to celebrate tend to over-eat and impulsively drinking sprees and suffer lack of sleep due to repetitions of late night outs. And one thing more is the monetary resources.

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The result: the holiday heart syndrome – a fast trip to emergency room for palpitation, dizziness and short breathe.

Furthermore, the cold weather is a contributing factor, especially in up north. Doctors have known for some time that cold weather is strenuous for the heart; blood vessels contract which make the blood pressure rises and the blood clots with speed. Surely, there is strain on the heart during cold season.

According to statistics study: Liberal number of cardiac deaths is higher on the 25th of December, then the next day December 26 and third highest is on new year’s eve and the new year’s day itself. This phenomenon is observed in US but there is a trend existing in the Philippines and many parts of the world as many cardiologists in Manila attested.

A combined case study in 2004 at the University of California, San Diego and Tufts University School of Medicine examined more than 50 million US certificates of death from 1973 to 2001 resulting to an overall increase of 5% heart related deaths during the holiday season.

From Thanksgiving all the way to the first week of the New Year is the alert period in North America. Here in the Philippines, it begins in the first Night Mass until New Year moving towards the Chinese New Year around February.

Holiday Reminders

? If ever you are in a cold country, keep warm. Dress warmly on holidays, it is better to be warm than cold.

? Stay away from unwanted stressors like emotional stress, anger and anxiety.

? Choose wellness! Choose healthy and natural nutritious food. Avoid excess salt and alcohol as a golden rule. Binge drinking according to health experts can lead to atrium fibrillation – an abnormal heart rhythm where rapid electrical signals cause the heart to contract irregularly.

? Boost your immune system. Exercise regularly to build up stamina and strength. Many people have trend to healthy lifestyle of therapeutic exercises, health food and rejuvenating massage. Give yourself a healthy gift this Christmas.

? Breathe clean air. Go out to woody parks or near an ocean. Breathing clean air will lessen the polluted air in your respiratory system.

? Have a regular check-up. Don’t make a New Year resolution you ignore to do. Go see your doctor if ever you feel chest pains, irregular heartbeat or low breathing. Run to your doctor and do not postpone it even if its holiday, never be “Merry today, but sorry tomorrow.”


Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lifestyle Wellness C4-C3 November 29, 2011

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Interesting information . . . voted up

A beautifully written article.

Thanks you for information. Hope we can be more careful this time. Voted up

Excellent and timely article.

I love the reminders, kabayan..

Just one more reason to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child as simply and spiritually as possible. Good writing and reminders Ron.

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Nicely done Ron. Very timely. You beat me to the punch on this one. I had a similar article in the works. Now I have a major rewrite in the works. :-))

Never heard of this before but I was aware that people often had heart attacks due to shoveling.

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very interesting article, this is great, well worth reading

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Great share. Thanks


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Maybe it's time to change how we celebrate this major occasion.

Exceptional information! Voted up!

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Good information to be aware of during the holidays. You are so thoughtful to research and publish this data.

Excellent advice to follow!

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Thanks everyone. Let us spend the coming holidays with health and wellness and the spiritual side of it - much appreciated.

Timely reminder, Ron. Excellent work, as always.

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Thank you Sharla - much appreciated.

Very interesting discussion. Breathing clean air is essential and gives energy. A good day to you, my friend!