The Very Best Way to Drop 30lbs in Five Weeks
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The Very Best Way to Drop 30lbs in Five Weeks

Drop up to 30 pounds in 5 weeks by incorporating a simple workout into your habit.

I’m at a bit of an advantage over most people when it comes to losing weight because I live in the great State of Florida, where it’s over 70 degrees for ten months out of the year. If I need to shed 5 lbs fast, I just go outside and sweat! But something I’ve discovered, as thousands of other people before me is how great running is to help lose weight.

I didn’t grow up as a runner. My body isn’t built for it. I’m 5’9” and weighed in at 230 with fifteen percent body fat. I’m built like a linebacker, short and thick and stocky, not at all like the lean lithe bodies of runners. I always assumed I wasn’t built for running. But I set myself a goal to complete a marathon at the age of forty. Which required me, surprisingly enough, to start running.

I started slow. I picked a distance (3 miles) and walked, then jogged, then ran, then walked. What I mean is I set the distance, ran as much as I could, but walked the rest. I did this every other day for months until I could run the entire 3 miles. Once I could run three miles, I increased the distance to five, and then I alternated between running three miles one workout and five miles the next.

The weight melted off of me! I dropped down to 210 after just a few weeks and kept shedding it. The lighter I got, the easier it was to run. I had dislocated my knee back in my early twenties, and so naturally I was afraid that I would have joint pain.

The key to preventing joint pain is hydration, which is also key in losing weight. I drink between one hundred and one hundred fifty ounces of water every day, on top of anything else I drink. Increased hydration keeps my joints lubricated, and I’ve experienced very little joint pain.

The simple plan is to start. First, pick a distance: 1 mile or 3 miles. Then go for a walk. Try to run one hundred yards or as much as you can, but be sure you can measure it. (like a city block, or from lamppost to lamppost.)

Plan your workouts for every other day, or every third day. During the next workout, try to run a little further. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend running and decrease the amount of time you spend walking, until you can run the entire distance. As you are able to run the entire distance, increase it and repeat.

This is a simple little running workout plan that will help you drop 30 lbs or more in no time at all. I do recommend some simple diet changes, such as eliminating white processed foods, and increasing protein which will help your muscles recover faster. As you eat more protein, drink more water and increase your activity through running, you will drop the weight and feel better.

You can add some strength training exercises to help tone and tighten your muscles too, which will decrease your risk of injury when running. People were designed to run, and there is no better way to lose weight than by adding it to your workout habit.


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