Success Coaching: Understand The SUCCESS TRAP
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Success Coaching: Understand The SUCCESS TRAP

Many people feel that they have achieved success in life, only to be hounded with unhappiness and emptiness. Many too have tasted success yet failed to hold on to it. Success trap is often the result of heeding the wishes of other people instead of what one wished for himself. Ricky, for example, wanted to become a musician but his parents wanted him to be an architect. Since he loves his parents, he followed their desire for him to become an architect. He got employed in an architectural firm and reaped mild success in his profession. This made him forget momentarily his ambition to become a musical artist. Yet he often times feels half-fulfilled and he is plagued by persistent dreams of being a musical artist someday.

Kate loves to travel and she wanted to become a flight attendant, so when she was ready, she applied to become a stewardess at her favorite airline. She got the job right away, and excitedly worked that job day and night, and then some. Kate got to travel all over the world and meet some of the most interesting people. Her experiences were rich, and she enjoyed it for a while. Though after a few years, Kate started feeling unhappy with her job. She wasn't making enough money to live like she wanted to, and because she travelled so much, she rarely got to see her friends, family or lovers. Kate continued to work as a flight attendant, continuing to tell herself that it was her dream job. It wasn't until 5 years after she started, that she finally left her job and opened a small travel agency in the small town she grew up in.

Ben had been through every diet there was. He had losts hundreds of pounds, time and again, then gained it right back after a few months. He just didn't understand why he was losing his weight battle. Carey didn't understand though, as she watched him go through his cycle. Ben would eat and eat and eat, and then he would realize how uncomfortable he was being that overweight, and would take on intense workout programs to lose all the weight again. Then, as soon as he lost all the weight he wanted to lose, he would go right back into his old eating habits.

There are people in this world, who have achieved the pinnacle of success, and yet they are still not satisfied or happy. They feel that the successes they have achieved are inadequate. What is wrong with the pursuit of success? Nothing, except that when we don't sit down and define what success means to us, it becomes a harmful cycle. This dissatisfaction is a result of always comparing one’s success with the success achieved by other persons, and from a lack of clarity about what you want in life. It could be a result of not knowing one’s self well and what one really wants in life. In this materialistic world, the gauge of success is amassing wealth, fame and power. In truth, there is more to life than acquiring material success or mundane ideals. This has been proven by many billionaires who have decided to give away their fortune, only to find it had come back to them in the next few years, because they finally understood what success meant to them, and then it became easy manifest it anywhere they needed. 

While others quit after experiencing some form of success, others find themselves unable to stop thirsting for success. Success can be addicting because of the financial and emotional rewards it brings. However it can also make people oblivious to other important things in life. Getting out of a success trap involves soul-searching and self-discovery. It involves the rethinking of one’s plans and ambitions. It requires the right management of time and affairs. Many people plunge into different projects without really thinking how these ventures are going to affect them in the long run. Others just imitate the paths taken by successful persons with the idea that they too will reach the same type of success these persons have achieved. Well, this is not a bad idea since we are encouraged to emulate successful people. The inspirations we get from them can help us achieve our goals in life. However, we should realize that we have our own destiny to follow and each of us is unique. We could avoid being caught in our own success trap when we are aware of our own talents and limitations and pursue our own dreams instead of fulfilling others’ wishes or copying others’ style of success.

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