Mirror Personality Health Issues
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Mirror Personality Health Issues

Mirror personality disorder is a unique behavior sometimes not seen for the health problems it can create for the person and others too.

As children growing up it probably is in every child's history that someone mimicked the actions they saw. This drove the child that was copied, crazy. A person actually can grow up and do that very same thing to a certain degree.  The subtleness of this action has a name of a mirror personality.

A gentle as the actions are when an adult does this to another person can actually not register to the person who is being copied. It might take on a familiar tone once in a while, yet most often times mirror personality affliction is not initially annoying in the early learning stages.

Someone must intensely study an individual to be capable of mirroring their behavior to be successful in that quest. Depending on how often a person has practiced this behavior, the ease at which it is carried out will determine the duration of work to this effort. Like anything practiced long enough, the skills get fine tuned. Fatigue is often a health risk for the mirror personality individual since much energy and effort has to be spent to copy characteristics of another.

Lack of initiating even the simple everyday tasks might be asked of a partner with a mirror personality in place. It is then a trigger point is reached. Anger is often expressed by the mirror personality since the answers seem so simple to give that they are omitted. An example is for the request to get the mail out of the mailbox when it had been done often before that time. A mirror personality individual could ask where the mailbox is located, when does the mailman come and what day today is?

There are instances the person is so intent on copying that they actually shadow the person so they will be in very close proximity. Signs of insecurity magnify to what can be explained as infantile traits destroying any relationship that one had a partnership in at one time. No longer is there a sharing of responsibility, but each has been separated from the other as well. The mirror personality becomes detached and resorts back to their natural behavior traits sometimes due to an inability to maintain the facade any longer. With the drastic psychology drifts observed, the copied person cannot comprehend what transpired to create such instant turmoil.

People with a mirror personality disorder are not hospitalized for mental or other health issues because it is not a primary condition, however in time wellness is affected. Just trying to be what a person is not takes a toll with stress and anxiety alone.  Similar to living two lives the mirror personality is more dominant in one set of behavior than the other, however does maintain two. Meanwhile the unsuspecting partner might see glimpses of both personalities when the mirror personality lessens the willingness to  diligently copy as they once did.

The root of the need to mirror another personality is mostly due to insecurity, lack of self esteem, loss of ability to lead, fear of rejection, out of proportion admiration for another person, childhood rearing and other psychological affects. Young children are easily lead by a dominant sibling, especially males by older sisters. It is when the child breaks away from that role and becomes an independent individual that ushering begins to diminish from the well meaning offspring. Depression is a marked health affect when the mirror personality is completely executed. Both the parties are deeply scared; one knowing they have been copied and the other being found out. 

Psychological, social and in depth counseling yields poor results unless the subject accepts assistance for health and wellness for themselves, present and future relationships. Behavior modification and lesson practices need complete compliance for a successful ending. General health, prescription drugs, illicit drug use, alcohol intake have a huge bearing on the overall recovery from a mirror personality disorder. After the age of 60 the prognosis is considerably poor for monumental changes. The subject person has practiced the mirror personality charade long enough that it is most often likened to an alcoholic behavior to some degree blaming the activities and outcome on the once healthy victim.


Roberta Baxter's marriage to mirror personality diagnosed by Licensed Social Worker.

Photograph: Depicts the need to see the blossoms of tomorrow and recover from mirror personality health problems it created.

Roberta Baxter in bear grass Glacier National Park, Glacier, Montana

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Ranked #12 in Wellness

you bring up some very good points heres

Interesting topic and not the usual ones around. Thanks.

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Good write-up Roberta.

Thumbs up! I agree with this information 100%. Children learn from what they see and hear around them. Exceptional! Voted up!

Ranked #113 in Wellness

Very good article.

Wow, Roberta, i never new about this. thank you for the information.

Ranked #5 in Wellness

This health issue is something new to me. A good discussion here Roberta :)

Ranked #35 in Wellness

I have never heard this diagnosis. I am pretty sure I know someone with this affliction. Thanks for the share.

This is definitly one of the most intriguing of Factoidz articles. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.

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This article hit home. I have a young grandchild the same age as my youngest child and her mother left her a few years back with me. She is very insecure and often mimics my daughter in her actions, if Andrea shows me a picture of her favorite hero then Alexis does the same. If Andrea starts singing a song then Alexis does it too only louder. I've often wondered why she does that because she is really smart in her school lessons. Now it makes sense. Thanks for the wonderful article.