Listen Like a Leader - Develop Active Listening Skills
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Listen Like a Leader - Develop Active Listening Skills

Of course, you've probably already heard the adage that good communication includes ACTIVE listening. Though knowing that, and being able to actually practice active listening, are two different things, aren't they? This article holds within it, one powerful tip, to help you claim the skill of "active listening" as your own, so that you can benefit from every opportunity to communicate with someone, that you come across.

Now this piece of advice I have for you, is going to sound a little odd at first, but it really is the most effective way to listen to anyone, so that both you and the person talking find fulfillment in the conversation.  So here's that we are tipped...

"Listen like you get something out of it."

It sounds totally selfish right?  I mean why would any decent person go into a conversation, expecting to get anything out of it?  Isn't that an unethical way to have a conversation with somebody?

Honestly it isn't, when you change your perspective.

Think about it this way, what if every time you got into a conversation with someone, you had an expectation that you would get something out of it, and that's something you would get out of it would always be "VALUE".

It doesn't really matter what the value is, the point is that you expect to get value out of every conversation, and are very nature of human beings is to go after what we expect to get.  Which means that in every conversation you have, you're going to get value out of that conversation.  And because your your new perspective is that you're going to get something out of it, your mind is going to focus on finding that value, which means you'll be more vested in the conversation, no matter how insignificant it might start out.  It means that you're going to listen actively, that you're going to ask questions to dig deeper, to get the most value that you can.  This brings a great benefit to the person that's talking to you, that you're having a conversation with - because when they will notice how interested you seem to be in them.  It's sort of empowering when you notice that somebody really is interested in what you have to say or what you're going through.  By listening to them in this way, you are showing them that they are significant and that what they have to say really makes a difference to you.  By giving this to them, you will double the value you would normally get out of that conversation.

Besides the obvious benefits to you and the person you're conversing with, it also makes you less likely to brush someone off, or to treat their challenges as insignificant.  When you know you're going to get something out of every conversation you have with anyone you might talk to, then you'll have no reason not to take part in every conversation that comes your way.

Just think of all the valuable insight and information you can gather that will help you in your professional, personal and even spiritual life, just from a simple expectation that you always received VALUE when you talk with someone.

This step a really should be used by everybody, though it is especially important if you are in a relationship that is struggling to secure its bond, or if you have found yourself in the position of leadership in your own company or someone else's organization.  In both relationships and rolls of leadership, you need to gather every bit of inspiration and information you can, and you need to be able to motivate and inspire the people you spend the most time with.  The best way to do this, is to listen actively, and the best way to listen actively - is to listen like a leader, using the above technique, where you are always listening for the value in a conversation, whether that be with someone you're waiting in line with at the grocery store, or a long lost friend, or your significant other.

Active Listening is just one key skill that every leader needs to claim as their own, though it isn't the only skill necessary to find fulfillment and meaning in your life. When you're ready to truly become the confident and capable leader you really are, CONTACT ME.

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