Importance of Rest for Good Health
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Importance of Rest for Good Health

Importance of Rest for Good Health. Rest and Relaxation for Healthy Living.

We know a good diet and a good exercise regime are really helpful to keep us fit and healthy. Although, these are very essential for making us healthy but often we underestimate the importance of rest for good health. Many people are so obsessed or over obsessed with exercise that often they over do it. It’s true that physical activities are beneficial for our health but when we do it more than our body’s requirement, this can cause health problems. When body lacks the rest and the sleep, it cannot recharge itself properly. As a result our body becomes tired and jaded and it really lacks the energy for doing its routine works. But there’s more to it; we need rest or our body needs rest for many other reasons as well.

Rest is useful in reducing the stress and anxiety. Because when we take rest, both physically and mentally, we remain away from the stressful situation. It allows body to calm down and gather some energy as well. So, rest is extremely important for the mental calmness and physical energy.

It is actually a good idea to sleep for a minutes in the daytime. When the mind and the body are tired, there’s no point putting extra pressure to complete the goal. This can cause many health related problems. Experts say 15-30 minutes of sleep in the day is very good to re-energize the body. Even resting for few minutes with closed eyes can make the body energized.

Rest is important for rebuilding the cells. People who do strength training for building up muscles and toning need at least one day rest in between workout sessions. Without this break or rest, their muscle can get damaged. At the time of the rest the muscles recover and repair themselves for maximum output.

Another very common factor is sleeping. Adequate sleep is extremely important for our health and healthy body. Sleep gives us adequate energy which is essential for physical and health. Sleep deprivation can lead to various mental and physical health problems. Besides, when we rest it allows our body to repair the cells and this is very important because cells cannot be repaired otherwise.

As we know lack of rest, relaxation and sleep lead to many problems such as moodiness, confusion, impulsivity, weak body and of course lack of energy. This is why we need to plan our rest very carefully. Adequate sleep and adequate rest we do need for healthy body and mind. Therefore, being healthy or healthy living is not all about healthy diet and exercise; it’s also about adequate rest. A combination of healthy diet, a good exercise regime and proper rest and relaxation can certainly help to live a happy and healthy life.


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Comments (8)

For many people, cat-naps can have a very negative effect.

Very important article.

Right emphasis on taking rest, especially the importance of naps during the day.

Can't overemphasize the importance of proper rest. So many people are stressed out today because of a lack of a good night's sleep.

Experts say 15-30 minutes of sleep in the day is very good to re-energize the body. I'll remember this...

Rest surely is important for good health.

Jenny Heart

Excellent information!

Ranked #1 in Wellness

Great and truthful information about sleep.I fully agree.