Hyponatremia: What is Water Intoxication?
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Hyponatremia: What is Water Intoxication?

What is Water Intoxication? What is Hyponatremia. What are the Symptoms of Water Intoxication?

It is important to drink adequate amount of water every day. It helps body to flush out toxins from the body and also helps other body functions. We need to drink at least eight glasses of water or two litres of water every day. It is extremely important for our health and we should understand and know the Importance and Health Benefits of Water. Water is a zero calorie drink and it contains many important minerals which are essential for our health. But like every other thing too much of water is not good for the health. As experts suggest, more than adequate water can cause danger to health and it can even lead to death.

The subject of water intoxication is not been covered very widely in the medical science so far. This condition is also known as hyponatremiaor hyper-hydration. Water intoxication is the condition of excessive intake and retention of water in the body. So, in hyponatremia or water intoxication- the levels of water in the body rise and the body cells begin to swell. This can lead to many health problems. High water levels in the body also reduce the sodium levels or dilute the sodium level of the body. Drinking too much of plain water is the main cause of low sodium level in the body. Water intoxication also dilutes other nutrients in the body and as a result those nutrients cannot do their work properly.

Because water intoxication causes electrolyte imbalances (sodium is an electrolyte), it stops body to work the way it should do. Sodium imbalance causes cell damage and can be the reason of heart failure, liver failure, and kidney failure. Water intoxication can be treated in the early stages and patient can recover from it completely. But if it goes untreated then it can even cause coma and death.

The symptoms of water intoxication can be very similar to alcohol intoxication. They are including nausea, convulsions, headache, bloating, slurred speech and feeling of weakness. In the severe cases of water intoxication brain swelling is also occurred. Brain swelling is the reason of coma and death. Water intoxication symptoms in the babies are including facial swelling, drowsiness, irritability, drop of body temperature and fatigue.

It is important to drink plenty of water so that our body can work perfectly. Our kidneys can process fifteen litres of water every day. Therefore, water intoxication is not a very common condition unless one drinks enormous amounts of water at one time. Water intoxication can occur to the people who are associated with sports or do lots of physical works or exercises. It is important for these people to drink water with sodium and electrolyte instead of plain water. It will help them to retain good sodium levels.

Although, water intoxication is very rare but it can lead to many dangerous health conditions and diseases. If you’re not sure of how much water you need daily to keep you healthy, it’s better idea to talk to your doctor and clear your doubts.







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In the late 1980s after the association with artist Andy Warhol, there was actually a considerable amount written about this condition by the medical community.

hmm I dont think I ever heard of it, even after the Andy Warhol thing...

Great facts about water.........thanks for the informative article.

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Quite a load of info. Never really knew about all these facts. Great work Sourav.

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Well composed with a good intent to help others be aware and know the down sides of too much water. Thank you for a great article. Promoted since I am out of votes.

I don't think I will ever have this problem!! Thanks for the info, I never knew about this.

great topic you have there. it is such a very practical article that naybody can learn about it.

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Returning with a well deserved vote up.

I really did not know that water in excess is not good,but i gulp down a lot of water even in winter.In summer,i will take care of not drinking in excess.Thanks for this informative article.