How To Save Someone Who Is Drowning: Tips and Precautions
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How To Save Someone Who Is Drowning: Tips and Precautions

Drowning persons are often desperate and would grab at the closest thing to them with a grip of death. It is a harrowing experience to watch someone drown without any hope of help; or trying to help and getting drowned in the process. This article guides you on how to go about saving a drowning person without exposing yourself to much risk.

Nobody prays to witness a drowning person but you never can tell where the life of a drowning person might depend on you. Whether it is in the swimming pool or a river, people do drown whether for exhaustion or lack of swimming skills. Learning some basics of how to save a drowning person is not far-fetched.

In this article, I will address how to identify a drowning person; different types of drowning situations and how to help out and at the same time keeping yourself from the risk of being drowned. Hope you remember that saying that a drowning man would grasp at straws. Well, it is true so you wouldn’t want to be the straw.

Even if you don’t have life guard trainings or you have never helped a drowning person before, the simple tips and instructions in this guide should help you in saving the life of any person that is drowning.

How To Identify A Drowning Person

It is sometimes difficult to identify a drowning person especially if the person is a good swimmer. Am a pretty good swimmer but I almost got drowned in a river where we went swimming. It was a new environment and I was not aware of the undercurrents in some parts of the river. I almost got drowned until I dove under and swam my way to the riverside. Nobody knew or believed I needed help when I was struggling for life.

There are ways for you to know someone who is drowning.

  • When the swimmer is not making any progress in water and is vertical
  • When he is moving irregularly with his head barely out of water
  • When the swimmer is unable to call for help or reply to shouts from colleagues

When you observe any of the three instances above, the swimmer is most probably drowning. What you do at this point is to call for assistance even if you are experienced as a life guard or a pretty good swimmer. Having others assist you is a good idea. Stay calm and analyze the situation. Getting panicky would not help the victim and you could also end up getting drowned yourself. If possible, tell the victim to remain calm while you make moves to save the victim.

Saving a Drowning Person

A drowning person is totally desperate and helpless and would grab the nearest thing to him; even empty air. One should be careful while helping a drowning person or else you might end up been grabbed and drowned yourself. There are different methods of helping a drowning person depending on the distance from the edge of the pool, pier or rock.

If the person is close to the pool or rock, you could throw him a life buoy or any other reachable device but where there is none available and he is close to you, you could reach out an arm , making sure that you lie face down with your legs spread apart for balance.

However, the most common case of drowning is the one where the victim is in the middle of the water, very much far from the edge where you have to go into the water to help out. This is very dangerous even for professionals and you have to be very careful.

Go into the water with an object that you can give to the victim; maybe a life buoy and solid object; call out to the victim and throw it at him, keeping your distance to make sure he doesn’t grab you. I still think this is risky.

Here is how I do mine. I swim into the water and keep a safe distance from the drowning victim, watching him thrash until he gets exhausted and there is no more flapping. At this stage, the victim poses no risk to me. I swim to him and grab him while I swim to the store.

At this point, it is advisable to call emergency services even as you give a mouth to mouth resuscitation.

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Comments (6)
Ranked #55 in Wellness

I have almost drowned myself and was rescued by a surf board rider who was in a group waiting on a wave in the ocean. After submerging 3 times in deep water and using my spring from feet I grew weaker and tried to swim but was unable. So one more time of going under and I would be taking in water and could have drowned,lucky for me I was saved.

Ranked #3 in Wellness

Thank God you were rescued Peter. I was not that fortunate as all my colleagues knew me for a good swimmer so they all thought I was catching some fun. Fortunately, I was smart enough to swim under waters. I really thank God for saving your life......and thanks for the comments and support.

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Great writing with useful guidelines.

Very useful information that can help to rescue someone from drowning.

Ranked #3 in Wellness

Thanks Timm.

I believe this article is one of those tautological notes of the kind "you identify a drowning person when he is drowning". This is crap. I was yesterday with my son in the beach and a huge wave took us from shore into a rocky area. I thought we were dead. Fortunately I started swiming and my son after me. The only advice is keep cold blood. Nobody has the time to throw a buoy or other object. Dont write stupid posts, please. You dont care about calling 911 when you are inside, drowning yourself. Keep cold blood... if you become exhausted, turn upwards and fill your lungs with air, you will not drown. Then continue until you get the shore.