How to Improve Your Posture
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How to Improve Your Posture

Good posture is becoming a thing of the past, and it's a shame, because there are so many benefits to great posture. First of all, you immediately appear more poised, professional, calm, cool and collected if your posture is perfect. It speaks volumes about who you are, and how you hold yourself. Well, duh! You're actually holding yourself. When you slouch, your body slumps down, causing back, neck and head aches.

While Sitting

Now, if you are anything like me, you do your most offensive slouching at your desk. I thought that I would improve if I purchased an expensive office chair, with a stiff back, but my slouch remained. So, I turned to an exercise ball. I now sit at my desk on an inflatable exercises ball, which reminds me to keep my back and head straight. Another recommended tip is that your feet should be straight out and flat on the floor. Another tip is to use a cushion behind your back when you're in a chair, to support your back and remind you not to curve it.

While Sleeping

Use a relatively firm mattress to support your weight. Another recommendation is to put a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your side, or under your knees, if you sleep on your back. This helps to more properly distribute your weight, limiting slouching while lying down.

While Standing

Keep your arms relaxed and at your side. Be careful not to push your chest too far out; you want to make sure that your spine is in a straight line, and this should not feel like you're desperately straining. Your weight should be distributed on the balls of your feet, rather than the majority of the weight falling on the heels. Also, shift your weight every so often if you are standing in line, to re-distribute the weight and ensure you are holding yourself evenly.


To have good posture, you must have a strong core, and strong muscles. They will, at the very least, help you stand up straight without having to force it too much. Strengthening your back, stomach and core will help the most. This also works vice versa; having good posture will improve your abs, and you'll look much better instantly. Yoga is a terrific way to strengthen yourself to improve your posture, as well. Like with any exercise, improving your posture takes strong discipline. The best thing about it is that you achieve and instant result every time you straighten up; you will look more confident, and like you are in better shape. Plus, the health benefits are tremendous. So, even though it will take time and effort to improve your slouching ways, it is well worth the investment.

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