How to Get Rid Of Blackheads
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How to Get Rid Of Blackheads

How to Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are a common problem found in most people, but usually people are unaware of the right methods or getting rid it. Visits to beauty salons are expected to solve the problem to certain extent.


No matter how good a person looks, these black spots on the face can be quite unpleasant. If you ask a dermatologist, he will tell you that removing blackheads is one of the most difficult steps in maintaining a healthy skin. And there is no simple way to get rid of these annoying defects that can affect a person's appearance.

Blackheads or comedones are small formations, often slightly swollen, which look like tiny black plugs. Besides blackheads, there are other formations called whiteheads. There not only is a difference of color in-between the two, but blackheads are specific oily skin, while whiteheads can occur both oily skin and dry skin. Even if blackheads cannot be permanently gotten exterminated, it can be prevented.


Prior to plan their treatment and disposal, knowing the cause of blackheads is important:

•  Blackheads are caused by excess oils that accumulate and clog the pores of the skin. Pore plugging occurs when cells die or sebum pore to skin surface gets blocked to form blackheads.

•  The second cause is hormones, because they cause the sebum production to increase. If the amount of male hormones or androgens in increased, it consequently causes an increased production of fat in the skin, and cause excessive sebum in the pores, resulting in blackheads.

•  Cosmetics or skin care products often triggers blackheads because it can combine with the body's natural fat and can clog pores.


•  Avoid using greasy or oily creams.

•  Use a gentle cleanser for acne.

•  Do not use regular soap to clean your face, because it contains essential oils that can clog pores, resulting in blackheads.

•  Exfoliate your skin often using any cream containing 1% or 2% (BHA or salicylic acid), which penetrates deep into pores of the skin. If you can not use beta hydroxy acids, you can use products containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), but they only clean the skin surface, and not within the skin.

•  Clay-based face mask that does not contain the irritating ingredient "mint", absorbs excess oil from the skin.

If the above tips don't help, have an appointment with a dermatologist.


The most common method of disposing blackheads is squeezing it, but this can cause damage to the skin.

Blackheads can be removed from face or body with the following steps:

•  Wash and exfoliate your skin using a mild exfoliating agent.

•  You can add a few drops of tea tree oil in bowl of warm water, and use for steaming the affected area. After 10 minutes of steaming, the pores will open.

•  Dry the skin by tapping it gently with your hands and face.

•  You can use a mask or a facial to remove blackheads.

•  If you do not have a mask, you can use a blackhead extractor or blackhead strips. After using it, apply a mild antiseptic cream on the area.

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