Health & Wellness Living As An Empath
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Health & Wellness Living As An Empath

Facts for health & wellness for an empath Abilities of the empathetic personality and the need to maintain balance.

An empath is a specific term given to a personality with unique traits needing specific health care to maintain wellness. By definition an empath is an individual that has the ability to feel and sense emotions along with energy of animals, objects and people from a distance. Clairsentience is a French word describing an empathetic person with an expanded sensitivity. Clairsentience broken down reveals clair meaning "clear" and sentience meaning "feeling". Derived from Latin clarus meaning "clear" and sentiens coming from sentire "to feel".  Heinz Kohut, according to Wikipedia stated empathy is the capacity to think and feel oneself into the thoughts and feelings of others.

It is because of strong empathetic abilities that an individual who possesses these feelings for another person or thing learns how to keep a balance between negative energy, pain, the emotions and peace for health and wellness. Quite often the empath is considerate and understanding of others without thought of themselves. This personality needs not highlighting to their words or deeds since there is an energy propelling such acts to be given without acknowledgement.

The origin of an empath is through DNA pin pointing the empathetic abilities cannot be changed. Reading along with meditation keep this personality educated and growth in spirituality; thus keeping the empath well too. The emotions cannot be diminished and should be embraced with added acceptance by the empath and those in relationships with that person as well. Condemnation from siblings, parents and significant partners cause pain since the empathic feelings are in the DNA and cannot be altered.  Many more women have empathetic abilities than men showcasing that power sometimes in psychic abilities.

Empathy is a characteristic that drains the body requiring some isolation to renew that individual so negative energy does not overcome that empath resulting in pain and a loss of health and wellness. Since an empath is born with these feelings for living and inanimate things as well, it might not be detected and realized until education in this area is studied and known. Another adult empath talking about the power and abilities might be the way an individual discovers empathic abilities they own. At that momentous occasion, acceptance of the keen emotions they have felt for years in their body starts the health & wellness steps. 

Strangers do not remain as such around an empath since private feelings are known before voiced. A person is at ease not knowing why they share emotions and pain with a person unknown to them, but the empath knows and it remains a safe place to share. The empath is drawn and is focused with deep feelings not always understood by others. Getting to know signs and symptoms of overload is vital for the empath to learn before those effect the body and have an adverse effect on the empath's health.

Quiet meditation, relaxation with isolation replenishes the energy of the empathetic personality. Calming environment  with nature sounds including flowing water remove the negative energy and create balance once again for the empath. Solitude in spirituality will be known by the individual and must be taken without delay even if only for a short time. Getting to know the body before the pain is apparent is a must for an empath personality to maintain health & wellness.

Photograph: Oregon waterfall courtesy Roberta Baxter




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Comments (12)

A lot of people claim to be empaths but do not understand that it is feeling emotions before you are told about them, not just being able to sympathize with somebody.

From one empath to another, excellent article!

I LOVE this! So few people are talking about us these days.

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Well explained profile Roberta, thanks.

Jenny Heart

I've been told I'm an empaths. I can look at someone and feel their pain. I know I must feel the pain inorder to see something clearly.

100% perfect work, Roberta.

An empath is an interesting term. Your explanation is perfect.

Excellent article, so many people have this capability...thanks for such a detailed explanation. +1

Great article and very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Ranked #9 in Wellness

Excellent article. I certainly learned some things here. Well done. Voted you up.

Reading these articles the first time is great, but the second time around is that much better.

Very detailed article. Thank you for sharing this information.