Health In Gun Choice
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Health In Gun Choice

Buying a gun has many components to consider. Among those focuses are health, wellness and the ability to handle the weapon both safely and effectively for the purpose it is being purchased. These facts will assist the first time buyer of a gun with many aspects of gun buying and how health & wellness intertwine so deeply into this purchase.

During the winter of 2008 the sales of guns doubled from the previous year, yet a steady incline of handgun sales has been seen since 1973. There are personal reasons why people choose to purchase a weapon and with that purpose some health considerations were pondered. For the first time gun buyer, several methods were reviewed prior to gun choice.

Seasoned shooters, hunters, organizations dealing with sales, sportsmen and friends who own guns are some of the people to consult about this important purchase. In more cases than not, a trial target practice should have been offered to first hand just get the feel of the gun. Those trials will most often have left the prospective gun buying customer with the need to increase those practice times even more. Preparing oneself for a gun purchase can yield contentment, good self evaluation for gun ownership which equals good healthful decision making and a clear view of handling the weapon well.

What governs a good gun purchase?

 1.  weight of the weapon

The weight of the weapon is certainly a paramount consideration since handling the gun will need to be mastered. Both the actual weight and balance of the gun are vital thoughtful components before purchase.

2.  recoil action

When age of the shooter is taken into consideration, the recoil action heads the top of the list, especially a senior aged individual.

3.  ability to effectively use for the purpose it is purchased.

Gun delivery and effectiveness should meet the planned use.

4.  willingness to learn gun safety

Even before a gun is purchased a class in sport shooting and gun handling should be planned enrollment for the person expecting to buy a gun.

5.  plan to be educated to clean gun and maintain it.

Enrolling in a gun cleaning class or scheduling your gun maintenance projects to a suitable gunsmith keep the gun ready and safe for use anytime.

6.  comfort of the feel of the gun in your hands

No gun can be physically suited to a first time gun buyer by pictures unless that gun has been previously held.

7.  grip

Each person has personal hand grips. Shooting a gun is secondary to sizing it up to your own grip first.

8.  price

If there is a ceiling price to adhere to, inquiring first about your limits on gun purchases will guide you to those weapons to consider within your means.

9.  size

What the range of your target will be, greatly determines the size of gun you purchase. Your knowledge will be most helpful as you begin your search for your weapon to buy.

10.ammunition used 

The availability of ammunition the gun uses will supply you with the ability to carry out your mission when your gun is purchased.

There are literally thousands of weapons available for purchase.  How many of these mentioned do you know? Glock 23, Glock 17, Ruger LC 9, Ruger P94, Glock 36,  Glock 31, Glock 19, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, Sig 226 or Baretta 96FS. Each handles differently from another and what a person needs to consider before buying needs to be addressed for health and safety.



1858 New Model Army blackpowder cap and ball revolver replica. The cylinder has been removed from the frame. Courtesy

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Comments (19)

On past visits to the US I was surprised at how easily guns of all types are available in America even on sale in large supermarkets. Coming from the UK it is something that is not usually seen or so readily available while doing your weekly shopping.

Ranked #2 in Wellness

Here in the Philippines, one can purchase "good" guns with higher prices, but one can also buy the locally hand made guns but not accurate as the good guns, and on firing, the owner of the firing site teaches first the first-timers before having to fir their guns, great article.

Ranked #5 in Wellness

My father used to own one but I wouldn't think of having one. But, in case ... I'll bear all of these in mind. FB liked Roberta.

Ranked #3 in Wellness

Great subject Madam Roberta. Guns are not that readily available on the streets of Nigeria; except of course the locally made. I sincerely hope I Wont be around when anyone could easily purchase one. The crime rate here is already in its brim. With easy access to guns like in the US, we will be looking at a gory situation.

I have been around guns all my life as have my children. My concern is the kids as young as 5 getting caught with guns in school..voted

Ranked #36 in Wellness

An interesting approach to the subject, Roberta. Your title had me going until I read your article.

Interesting article, Roberta. The Colt 45 is the hand gun of choice for me. I have one of the 1911 models that Colt made in 1991. They went back into production of the1911 model on the 80th anniversary. What I like most is the fact that it is a very comfortable gun to shoot. Considering the large caliber of the gun it is ergonomically one of the best designs ever made. I reccomend it to anyone looking for a reliable weapon that can be used for target shooting as well as self defense.

Too bad so many people live in fear that they feel they need to protect their rights to own a gun. A shame really.

Interesting, I know nothing about guns! Thanks for the info -- voted.

Ranked #36 in Wellness

@Brenda. Brenda, I do not live in fear. I believe as President Theodore D. Roosevelt said,"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." At close range I can kill as easily with my bare hands and feet as with any gun. Still, I own handguns, rifles, and shotguns and I will fight to keep that right as guaranteed by the constitution. I will gladly die defending that right. Anyone who wants to take my guns had better be ready to face my bullets.

Very interesting information on this topic!

You surprise me here. Never thought you are good with guns.

Very informative, thanks Roberta!

Excellent information.

i like the colt 45,only responsible people should own a gun, thanks for the valuable info

Wow, Roberta, this is really well-put together. Great job.

Very well written points to consider in handling guns, Rob. I used to feel the weight of my Beretta 92DS service issued pistol tucked on my waist when I was still in service barely 5 years ago.

Great discussion.Thanks

great info about guns, we live in an isolated farm and my husband always says we need a gun, you know just in case. An elderly man and woman were attacked by strangers during the night in our state, the poor man tried to close the door but died of a sudden cardiac arrest.