Health Benefits of Papaya
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Health Benefits of Papaya

Health Benefits of Papaya

A half papaya contains about 190 mg of vitamin C, an amount double the recommended daily dose for an adult is 90 mg in men and 75 mg in women. 140 g of the fruit (a cup of papaya chunks) would provide 86.5 mg of vitamin C, so that virtually cover the recommended dose.

The papaya is especially recommended for smokers who need a higher dose of vitamin C. Eating a papaya alone surpasses the required amount.

Papayas are rich in a component called papain. Papain is an enzyme with properties similar to pepsin (an enzyme that is part of the gastric juices) or trypsin (enzyme that is part of pancreatic juices). This type of enzyme known as proteolytic enzymes, such as bromelain in pineapple, ficin from figs are very good in the diet because they help break up the protein and promote digestion, preventing gastritis and gas formation.

Therefore, papaya, in addition to being vitamin, it is highly digestible and is a very likeable fruit for the elderly, who often have problems with digestion to digest the meat after a meal, rich in animal fats.

However, it contains plenty of vitamin C that has fertilizing properties, it appears that papain inhibits the production of estrogen so it would not be appropriate for fertility in women. It is said that eating plenty of these fruits can produce infertility or low childbearing women, such as in certain villages where women consume this fruit abundantly. The truth is that there have been no studies determining the matter.

For Weight Loss

The papaya juice is highly recommended within the diet for people who want to lose weight. This fruit has the power to help the body to normalize digestive functions; hence daily consumption of a balanced diet with papaya juice can end up being an excellent home remedy for weight loss. You’ll get better results, if you combine it with exercises and other practices related to the loss of weight.

In addition, papaya is a fruit considered an antioxidant. These antioxidants are essential to keep the body fit and you will able to lose weight more easily.

The papaya juice is being increasingly used as a home remedy for weight loss. Obviously, papaya does miracles.

Just liquefy the flesh of the fruit in your processor or blender with some water and drink on an empty stomach every morning to get best results to lose weight.


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