Chest Pain from Acid Reflux
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Chest Pain from Acid Reflux


Chest pain or heartburn is a common symptom for acid reflux, and it can turn up in multiple forms. There can be a burning and fiery pain, or a stabbing pain, or simply a dull ache in the chest. Acid reflux is also addressed as GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux. Acid reflux affects both men and women equally.

The chest pain from acid reflux mimics heart pain, but most people generally experience a burning sensation rather than a squeezing and sharp pain. The intensity and symptoms of the chest pain from acid reflux varies greatly from person-to-person. Many people may actually vomit. The severity of acid reflux depends upon any specific food that may have triggered the reflux.


Acid leakage in the stomach: One of the common reasons is the weakening of LES (lower esophageal sphincter) valve in the human body, which prevents the acid in the stomach from leaking. If the LES valve is weak, then by triggering factors such as poor diet, excessive drinking or smoking, the acid of the stomach manages to escape and reach into the esophagus tube that runs from throat to stomach. The esophagus reacts sharply upon this acid reflux, and causes acute chest pain. This chest pain is often confused with the initial symptoms of heart attack.

Diagnosis: The resemblance of chest pain from acid reflux heart attack is often confusing to the doctor or medical professionals and can lead to misdiagnosis. In order to find out whether the person has experienced his chest pain from acid reflux, the doctors use tests to measure the acid levels in the esophagus. Acid reflux should be carefully checked to be sure that the acid of the stomach is not damaging the esophagus. This also ensures that the chest pain is not caused due to any damage in the esophagus.

As the chest pain from acid reflux is acute, it treatment for it is short termed. There are medicines to relax the acute pain of the chest; but a change in lifestyle is required for full recovery, and to prevent the risk of future occurrences of it. After it is ascertained that there is no heart disease and the chest pain had originated from acid reflux, the treatment commonly prescribed are antacids and proton pump inhibitors.

In additional to prescribed medicines, doctors would typically advise considering a change in diet, especially if it is spicy and oily. Changes in diet include omission of food (or fruit juices) that are high in acids, fatty and fried foods. In addition, eating smaller quantity of means frequently often helps a lot. For the betterment of the patient with a fast recovery, it is also advised to stop taking tobacco products, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Besides the above preventive measures and treatments, there are herbal treatments too. Such natural/herbal treatments include ginger root, fennel oil or seed, aloe and chamomile. These herbal ingredients have no side-effects and often benefits to relief in cases of chest pain from acid reflux.


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