6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Joint Health
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6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Joint Health

6 Things you can do right now to improve your joint health

1. Avoid repetitive movements

Many joint injuries among average adults are in the joints in the lower back, in the arms, the wrist and hands. These joints are usually injured by repeating the same movements over and over. This type of injury is known as repetitive strain injuries or RSI’s. A badly positioned computer or an awkward sitting posture while typing can put pressure on one or more of these joints that can lead to neck, or back ache, or elbow and shoulder pain. To avoid these kinds of injuries use some proven ergonomic products, take regular breaks and avoid repetitive movements. It may also help to rearrange your office equipments; the desk must be at a correct height, your eyes must be in line with the top of your screen and frequently used items must be within a comfortable reach to avoid unnecessary stretching.

2. Control your body weight

Among the joints in your body, the parts that bear most weight are the knees. Being slightly overweight can significantly increase your risk of joint injuries in this area. Being just one kilogram (2.2lb) overweight can increase your chance of osteoarthritis by as much as 10-15%. To know if you’re overweight consult the body mass index. It is a great way to know how much weight you should lose. It calculates your appropriate weight range depending on your height.

3. Improve muscle health

Muscle health doesn’t necessarily mean large, bulky biceps. Aim for flexible and balanced muscles. Keeping your muscles strong help stop joints from being pulled out of position. In working with weights, make sure to target all your major muscle groups by using different moves in your routine.

4. Eat more fish

The basis for this tip is the essential fatty acid found in oily fish; omega 3. Oily fish like salmons, mackerels, and sardines are some of the popular sources of this fatty acid. Researchers are increasingly interested in the benefits of omega 3 in relieving stiff and swollen joints and reducing the general aches and pains often associated with ageing. It also improves immune functions, reducing rheumatoid arthritis, and may help to relieve other inflammatory disorders such as osteoarthritis.

5. Review your hobbies

Kneeling for long periods of time when gardening can cause bursitis (inflammation of the lubricating fluid sacs in your knee) or can cause your knee cap to be out of alignment. High impact sports like running and basketball can cause a range of joint problems like bursitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendinitis. The point is that whatever hobby or hobbies you have, chances are there are risks of joint injuries either through repetitive strain injuries or injuries from high impact activities. Check which activities can injure you among your hobbies and avoid excessively repetitive movements.

6. Visit a podiatrist

Podiatrist or chiropodists are experts in diagnosing and treating foot and lower limb problems ranging from calluses to arthritis. They work with all ages but old people are their more common clients. Have a check up with a podiatrist once in a while to get some expert advice as to how to properly take care of your joints and how to avoid those age related joint pains. For the younger generation, you can get a regular check up to check if any of your extracurricular activities are damaging your lower body joints.


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Thank you Chris for this health info. I have added you in my friends' list. Hope to avail your friendship and support.