3 Steps Towards Success
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3 Steps Towards Success

Having you been chasing success, only to find results that didn't fit your ideal life? If so, then come and check out this Knoji Article that holds 3 fantastic tips to help you achieve a life of meaning and fulfillment in the ways you really need and deserve to. That IS what SUCCESS truly is, after all. =)

Step 1. Believe In Your Dreams

Quoting Tom Bradley, an American novelist and writer - “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is YOU.”

Dreaming is a natural phenomenon. You probably dreamt of who you wanted to be or what you want to become, when you grow up, before you even learned how to spell “success” correctly. The point is, it is easy to dream. According to some studies, people dream 4 to 6 times during the REM stages. So dreaming requires minimal to no effort at all. Simple, eh? You wish!

Believing in your dreams or that you are actually capable of doing “something” in your life is an entirely different story. Most people dream big dreams but are afraid to make those dreams a reality. So it is very likely that those big dreams stayed there and never transcended into something tangible. While we dream an average of two hours of our sleep, less than 10% of those dreams remain in our memory the moment we wake up. The big dreams probably never materialized at all because they become part of the 90% which are overwritten by another dream and then, long forgotten.

Why are we so afraid to believe?

Uncertainty of the future. Uncertainty is the cancer that eats up the bones. It kills the way a cancer cell harms the human body – benign at first, and then, spreads through the entire system and becomes malignant.

While you engineered your dreams and goals and build a strong foundation on them, the uncertainty of the future, being powerless and helpless, detonates the bomb that breaks the ground even before your magnificent skyscraper reached second floor.

Believe in yours dreams! The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is YOU. PERIOD.

In his Stanford Commencement Speech, Steve Jobs said, “…you have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots would connect down the road, will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if it leads you off the well-worn path. And that would make all the difference.”

The key here is to find out what you really want in life. It is the first step toward gaining control and finding semblance of certainty over your future. Because having the idea of who you want to be or what you want to become, let’s you know what opportunities to go for and what actively to seek out. It works like a GPS in your car. It tells you which way to turn and when. It directs you to where you want to go without auto-piloting the entire journey. The wheels are still yours. You are still in control. So bottom line is, “Know your destination, google it, drive your way through and enjoy the ride.”

2. Do It

Make a move!

A famous Disney quote goes like this, “Believing is just the beginning.”

It is usually the “doing” part that we abhor. Because in reality, things are easier “dreamt” than done.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, establishing a system, resolving problems, preparing for drawbacks and keeping scorecards with due diligence are only five percent of the things to do. And we run away the moment we see the rest of it. We are easily overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done and before you know it, doubt, self-doubt starts to build up. “Can I actually do it?” you ask yourself.

The answer is YES.

Start little by little. It is just like taking a bath. You stand there, in front of the shower, waiting not even moving a limb. You wait for a minute or so, and a couple of minutes more until you realize that you’re going to be late. Then, you turn on the shower and suddenly, all your body parts start moving in congruence. And voila! You’re all washed up and ready for work. And you didn’t even have to think about it. After that first move, everything else, well, just happened. It is always the first move that is the hardest to make.

Believing is just the beginning. So do your part and do it NOW.

What I’m trying to say is that, yes, you may have believed in your dreams. You may have all the motivation, right drive and proper mindset. Yes, you may have read all the books on success and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But still, the bigger question is when are you going to start? Start now. Don’t put of a task if you can do it in less than five minutes. Make it a habit and imprint it in your system. You will be surprised by how dramatically can it change the course of your daily life.

3. Make it a HABIT

Live it.

According to Aristotle, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

Success, as profound as it may sound, is relative. People are born with different identities and unique DNA sequence. We come from different geographical, social and economic conditions. We are brought up differently. We have different experiences growing up. We develop idiosyncrasies that are unique to us. We are faced with different challenges and opportunities and therefore, how I define my success would be different from how you define yours.

But success, as profound as it may sound, is also innate. It is the end with which we all want to end up. And if you are still at a loss right now, the best strategy for you is to just go with the flow. Let things happen and enjoy the ride! Be open to all possibilities and open yourself up to every opportunity that comes along the way and then, choose whatever seems interesting, exciting or practical. Take all the detours and just keep on doing it. Keep on getting lost and finding your way back again. There will come a time, as you experience more things and learn new insights, when you will gain a sense of what you really want in your life. Eventually, once you find your own meaning of success, your path will narrow down. You will gain a semblance of control over what is uncertain because you already know where your destination is. There will come a time when you won’t need your GPS anymore. Your life will lead you to where you are supposed to be, towards the well-worn path.

Our habits become our lifestyle. So make success a habit, do it repeatedly and challenge life day by day.

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