10 Simple No-cost Ways to Relax After a Busy Work Day
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10 Simple No-cost Ways to Relax After a Busy Work Day

10 simple no cost ways to relax and reduce stress at the end of a busy work day.

Busy, hectic schedules leave us with little time for ourselves. Many of our lives are filled to the brim and overflowing with one appointment after another, meetings, constant accessibility through cell phones, texting and email. No wonder we are suffering from heart attacks, high blood pressure and other stress related illnesses. What can you do at the end of a busy hectic day to help you unwind, release mental and emotional stress? Pull out the STOP sign! Put on your “I need to take care of myself” brakes and do just that!

1. On arrival home, shed your work clothes and put on something more comfortable. This is the mind’s signal to transition from work to home. You are off the time clock and ready for “me” and “family” time, it is time to relax from the day’s activities. Home should be a sanctuary or safe haven for you; your “I can let my hair down place and relax.” No need to be professional. You can be that other you that is not an employee.

2. Consider putting an extra pair of comfortable shoes in your car or backpack. At the end of the day you can easily slip into them. Your whole body will thank you, not just your feet. As a woman I know what it is like to kick off the heels at the end of a long day. Oh, what a comfort!

3. Listen to soothing, quiet music as you commute from work, usic that soothes the mind, body and soul; nothing loud, racy or depressive.

4. Limit the media's intrusion into your life. If you like to keep current with world affairs, catch the second or latest edition of the evening news instead of the first. Who wants to be bombarded with all of the evils of the world after a hard day's work?

5. Do nothing during the first 15-20 minutes after your arrival home. This is your down time. If you have little ones, have convenient healthy snacks available. Start training them to take care of themselves early. No chatting on the telephone, checking voice messages, email or text messages during this time please.

6. Wash or splash your face with cold water. This little trick will energize and invigorate you.

7. Take a shower if you have a few minutes. A smell, good body wash, soap or bath gel can energize and tantalize the senses and body. A revitalizing shower should take only 5 minutes. However, if you are like me, you really would like to stay there longer and feel the water beat the stress from your body.

8. Stretch 5-10 minutes. Neck, shoulder rolls, calf stretches and waist twists can help reduce stress and relax tight muscles. Online stretch exercise demo http://bit.ly/X1ggS .

9. Drink a glass of cold water or green tea and snack on something healthy; example, apple slices.

10. Set aside any mail (U.S.). Go through it as you watch the news or a movie.

Learning to take care of your self is a process. Your work, family and friends will always demand more, no matter how much you give. Once you start saying “NO” to some things and setting aside time for yourself, you will not desire to become a slave to “stress again. So pull out you STOP sign, relax and take charge of yourself!

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Comments (2)

Well, SassyDiva, these are some really good life hacking tips (for girls and boys) Although I'm glad I've never had a job that requires that I wear heels, getting out of those 7 lb. steel toed work boots at the end of the day must be an equivalent feeling.

Fab tips...I can totally relate to the number 2...I can actually feel the relief!