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What To Do During A Mugging Attack

Mugging has become common in recent times and proper knowledge on how to handle a potential mugging incidence is necessary.

Muggings have become increasingly common these days and anyone could fall a victim. Mugging is an assault upon a person with the intent to rob. However, some incidences of muggings are often accompanied with beatings, rape and even death if the victim is unlucky. Most muggers would not go as far as harming their victims, and would go away with the belongings or valuables of the victim as long as the victim doesn’t put up a fight or resist.

Most mugging takes place in the street, in unfamiliar neighborhoods, in public transports or when traveling alone. It could happen to anyone despite the best of precautions. However, the way you handle a mugger or mugging situation will go a long way to determine your safety. You could prevent bodily injuries or physical attacks if you go about a mugging the right way and prevent the situation from turning awry. Must muggers would go away once they collect your possessions.

How to handle a mugging situation

The first thing you do is to stay calm and relaxed. This might be difficult as there is the human tendency to grow panicky. Do try to be calm; and don’t shout especially if the mugger is with a weapon like a knife or a gun. He might be tempted to use it on you out of fear of being caught.

Obey the instructions of the mugger such as emptying your pockets and handling over your wallet. Do not try to be smart by hiding your credit cards or arguing with the mugger. Remember that your well being is most important. The mugger would often go away once you obey and abide to his demands. Note that you can cancel your cards after the mugging incidence.

Do not threaten the mugger or tell him you have his description. This could provoke violence and harm to you or even death. While it might be tempting to try and take a good look at the mugger for possible description to the cops, remember that it could prove risky to you as the mugger wouldn’t want to be caught later on. This could give room for him to harm you.

Respond to the muggers questions and don’t appear confrontational. Be brief and try to end the meeting as quickly as possible.

Walk away after the mugging and report the incidence to the police while you give a possible description to the police as well.

Possible ways to avoid a mugging

The following tips should help you in avoiding possible mugging incidences.

• Avoid unfamiliar neighborhoods that are likely places for mugging

• Travel in groups where possible

• Travel light. Avoid carrying large sums of money

• Avoid been flashy by showing off valuables or displaying cash in public

• Be friendly to strangers but avoid unnecessary chatting. They could be potential muggers

If despite all the above tips you still feel scared of being mugged, then you might want to consider taking a self defense class. There is most likely one in your neighborhood. Remember that compliance would most likely keep most mugging situations from turning ugly.


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Very helpful article for everyone, especially women..vited

Thanks Francina. I sure hope everyone, especially women will take to the tips in the article. Again, thanks for dropping by.

Excellent tips for personal safety.

Thanks Deep Blue.

Very sound advice.

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These are great tips for we really do not know when danger comes...

Thats true talk PG. thanks for dropping by

Hmmn.....sure good tips especially for ladies. I have been a victim of mugging and its not a pleasant experience. i was lucky to get away without harm but just loss of my valuables; some women have not been that lucky. Will sure pass this article around. Thanks for the share. Voted

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Excellent tips. . . which I hope I never have to employ!

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A very well-informed article. Cheers for sharing.

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Nice reminder and I hope I never have to remember your tips.